Working with XML and JSON files in C/C++

I need to configure my C/C++ software per XML or JSON. Know someone the proper possibility for that NVidia-SOM to parse the XML and JSON files for reading and writing ?

We appreciate your help.

I hesitate to answer because I don’t know about the particular JSON you are asking about. I will say though that if you simply want to read and view XML, then something like xmllint will work. There is also xmlcopyeditor. Also, “bluefish” isn’t technically an XML editor, but it can work with XML.

@waldemar.friesen there isn’t particular about Jetson to parse XML or JSON files, you would use a library for it like on other platforms. Personally, I use TinyXML2 and GitHub - nlohmann/json: JSON for Modern C++ for C++ libraries for these.

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