Would be possible to use the Nano kit as a GeForce Now or Stadia machine?

As the title says, would it be possible? Maybe this is not the real intent of the Nano as a AI sbc, but I am very interested in knowing that. Would the software (drivers), allow me to set it up and run GFN or Stadia?

Hi @augustobotossi, I don’t believe GFN provides a client for aarch64 Ubuntu Linux, so it doesn’t appear to be supported on Jetson - sorry about that.

Thank @dusty_nv for answering. Is Ubuntu the only available for the Jetson? And how about VP9 hardware decoding? Are there drivers for it already in place?

Yes, Ubuntu is the official distribution for Jetson and JetPack-L4T. Nano supports VP9 decoding in hardware, it can be used through GStreamer.

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Are there any browsers that I could use that are capable of decoding VP9 through the hardware?

I’m not aware that the VP9 support for Jetson has been integrated into Linux browsers. You might find the new Shield TV to be a better fit for remote gaming.

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