Support for other Linux Distributions on The Jetson Nano Developer kit

Is there anyone working on support for distributions other than ubuntu for the Jetson nano?
There are some posts about arch Linux I cannot find any clear instructions.
Also I am interested in porting Kali Linux over if there is a way to do that without bricking my Nano.

The only officially supported distribution is the Ubuntu which you get with any of the tools. Some people have experimented with other distributions with some success, but those versions may have issues with direct hardware access drivers, e.g., to take advantage of the GPU unless they keep the same release of Xorg X11 server.

Note that you won’t brick a Jetson by trying other distributions. Odds are the non-NVIDIA supported releases won’t work without a lot of effort, but any failure will not “brick” a Jetson. You’d simply flash it again (for eMMC version) to put the NVIDIA release back in (or you can use different SD cards for SD card based hardware revisions).

There is some support by NVIDIA partners for an RTOS, but not for Kali.