Does Jetson Nano provides support for Linux drivers

Hi Team

I am a Research Student at Saint Francis Xavier university
My research interest/application is to run a machine learning algorithm on Embedded Boards and interact with other devices

example collecting data from a sensor and interfacing my drivers and use that data in ML algorithm

Can I add my own set of drivers related to my interfaces
to add extra devices

1)Will I get the open-source Linux to be supported where I can add my customized drivers and compile the code and boot jetson nano

can you please snd the link and documentation so that I can order the best-supported boards

No specific link, but this is just a standard Linux GPL kernel. A very large percentage of users recompile their kernel or develop their own drivers. Perhaps the biggest sample of driver development here is for people making custom camera sensor drivers. Different releases will have a slightly different Linux kernel version, but mostly we are talking about the “4.x” series, e.g., “4.9.140”, with configuration for this architecture and carrier board.

The entire operating system starts with the Ubuntu distribution with no modifications other than being for the correct architecture and hardware. Then, during install, some extra content is added for NVIDIA-specific drivers, e.g., to have GPU hardware accelerated CUDA available instead of being bound to CPU. Most anything you find on Ubuntu 18.04 is no different on a Jetson than on a desktop PC (other than the architecture and carrier board support).

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Thank you for the information!

  1. Can you please let me know where can i downlaod the Linux kernel for the use SDK
    2)Is there any documentation that is provided for the build process od SDK (Ex: Compilation steps ,Booting procedure,Rootfs )

Can you please let me know which is the best version development kit to buy so that i can get good support on kernel development to modify and add my specific drivers
for learners

I am generally used to TI platform for my older projects and there sdk version I am trying to find such link to know the support on this

Thank you
Deepak R

Hi Deepak,

You can find all relevant document, source package from$product,jetson_nano
And here is the link for driver package development guide as your reference:

Thank you so much !