Writing to Xavier Module EEPROM during recovery mode

Hello everyone,

We are developing a main board where three Xavier Modules are mounted. We’d like to use the EEPROM (0x50) to:

  • Configure the ethernet Vendor MAC address
  • Add a custom configuration to assign an slot-number information on each module’s EEPROM.

Most of the topics I found about modifying the EEPROM are talking about using linux to write this information through i2cset: How to assign EEPROM?.

We’d prefer to do this during factory flash.

Is there a way to modify the EEPROM in recovery mode (something that would be the opposite of tegrarcm_v2 --oem platformdetails eeprom cvm) ?

Or is there any nvidia recommendation for factory provisioning ?

Sorry that tegrarcm does not support such function.

Thanks for the answer.

In this case, we get these choices:

  • Get the provisioning done by the first cboot execution
  • Use the first boot of Linux to write the EEPROM (which we’re trying to avoid)
  • Make our own mb2 applet (but I guess that’d be kind of non-trivial)

Is there any chance this feature gets included into tegrarcm at some point? It seems to me this is a very common use case?

Sorry that this is actually not a common use case… so may not able to get added.
If this is a common use case, then someone else shall already asked this here and this would already be added…

Please try to use cboot if possible since it is open source and you can implement it directly.