Wrong captured images with odd resolutions (IMX267 and IMX334)

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We’re implementing multiple sensors on a custom carrier for the Jetson TX2 (using L4T R32.2.0). We’ve managed to got it working but ran into a problem when trying to capture an image (V4L raw capture) from the IMX334 in binning mode (it then outputs resolution 1944x1092). Then I also configured the IMX267 to output a 1944x1092 resolution which resulted into the same effect. 1920x1080 is working fine, see also attached pictures.

Is there a limitation for the resolution input capturing an image through V4L? Should the horizontal resolution be divisible by any number, for example 16? Or is this a known issue that is resolved in later L4T releases? Any help would be appreciated!

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Do you mean unable capture if sensor configure as 1944x1092?
This resolution should not have problem.

I am able to capture images, but they are distorted, as shown in the attached images in the first post

Looks like height need 64 alignment.

I changed the height from 1092 to 1090 and even 1080, but the same effect still occurred.

Modify below define to try.

./media/tegra_camera_core.h:#define TEGRA_STRIDE_ALIGNMENT 1

It was already defined as 1:

/* Width alignment */
/* Stride alignment */
/* Height alignment */
/* Size alignment */

Try to make TEGRA_STRIDE_ALIGNMENT to 4096

Just to be sure, when updating this TEGRA_STRIDE_ALIGNMENT, is it sufficient to only update the /lib/modules/ folder or should I update the whole image and flash it again?

Just need to replace the /boot/Image

Changing it to 4096 made it even worse, the ‘normal’ 1920x1080 resolution turned unrecognizable. See also attached pictures.

I’ve also changed it to 4 and 8, but it doesn’t seem to make difference for the 1944x1090 resolution.