X.org segfault with 510.47.03 driver

Updating to newer drivers I am facing segfaults when starting Xorg, screen goes black but desktop environment doesn’t start and returns me to the tty framebuffer.

Arch Linux (x86_64)
3080ti (GA102-A)
X.Org X Server
Linux 5.16.4
Nvidia-driver 510.47.03

Please see attached xorg log.

Have tried downgrading to 495.46 and faced the same issue.
495.44 is the latest version that currently works for my system (also requires me to downgrade kernel to install)

Attached logs and bugreport capture
Xorg.1.log (41.6 KB)
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (339.7 KB)

I guess you’re running Mate? In that case, it’s a known bug in the Xorg server and has been fixed there.

It happens regardless of which desktop environment I choose to use.

Do you have a link to report of said Xorg issue?

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