Segfault when starting X server after installing nVidia drivers 460.67 on Fedora 33 and 34beta1.3, 3060 GPU

The X server is refusing to start after installing the original nVidia driver .run file 460.67.
I have tried this using both MATE and Gnome3 on X, and for both Fedora version 33 and 34beta1.3 (both completely fresh installs).
What happens is that starting the X server shows a frozen black screen. After some waiting without any change, when switching to another console, the server crashes with a segfault.
Gnome3 on Wayland is running fine.

Attached the conf and logs/report after running ‘startx – -logverbose 6’.

Update: after uninstalling the nVidia driver (using the .run tool) and installing driver 460.67 from the RPMFusion - NonFree-Testing repo, the X server is running fine.
Update #2: the only reason the X server is running fine now, is that the xorg.conf file was removed (and glxinfo |grep vendor shows that I’m running in i915 mode now). After having nvidia-xconfig create a new xorg.conf the same issue is still there.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.6 MB) nvidia-installer.log (36.6 KB) xorg.conf (1.2 KB)

Maybe these will assist in creating a valid X config: