X v11.0 on CentOS 6.4 auto-logging out when 2nd monitor input switched NVS4200M with Nvidia v319.49

So I hit a weird issue and I’m not sure if it’s CentOS related or Gnome related (as I can’t say I’ve tried this exact setup with another distro). Dual monitors hooked up via DVI. The 2nd monitor also has a VGA link to a KVM so I can use it for my little VMware test environment (rather than using the production servers and EVA storage arrays lol) Anyhow, sometimes if I change the 2nd monitor to the VGA input, everything moves to the one monitor fine. Other times it acts as if I had logged out and back in so all my apps close out. Also, sometimes when I switch the 2nd monitor back to DVI both screens come back fine but it’s as if the resolution of at least the text has been switched to a higher DPI
Anyone else ever experience a similar issue?

The Laptop is a Dell E6420 with that Transformer or whatever it’s called option (can switch between the Intel and the NVidia GPU) but the Intel is disabled.

Link to the nvidia-bug-report.sh is here https://www.dropbox.com/s/vrcf68eefiof46r/nvidia-bug-report.log.gz

I just made it happen again. It was when the 2nd monitor was switched from VGA back to DVI (reconnecting the monitor to the laptop running CentOS). The screen that’s never switched goes into Power Saving Mode and then comes back up black while the switched monitor shows the background (have to blindly hit enter and type in my password for the desktop to come up, which then appears on both but all the applications are closed)

The laptop is in a dock, and the laptop display is set to “disable” in the nvidia control panel

I failed to see if CentOS did it with 319.76 (haven’t really been thinking about it as I haven’t done the tasks that cause the issue lately), but I just tested with 319.76 under Lubuntu and the issue does not appear.

So I’m going to guess it’s possibly a Gnome deal and not a drive issue?