x3 Card, Dual port. Does port 1 IB port 2 ETH work now

When I purchased these cards I was under the impression I could make port 1 IB and port 2 ETH. I am using esxi 5.5 and that does not seem to be the case

If i set port type to 2 for the second adapter it is listed as type ethernet with a guid of all 0’s. It shows the link as disconnected though on both hosts. I believe this is probably due to the fact that mlx4_en is not part of the driver package i have installed. I am using srp on port 1 so i believe I really do not have a solution at this point. Is there any reason mlx4_en cannot be included in the srp driver for the purpose of using port 1 as ib and port 2 as eth? at the moment the 2 driver packages seem to conflict since the core drivers are different versions.

I’m also disapointed that…:(

I think that cause for support of SR-IOV and VMware ESXi’s compact hypervisor kernel environment. I think that Mellanox support SR-IOV and iSER support on IB driver at late 2014…

But I can’t expect they will support En mode and driver…:(

Has anyone tried if you can put 1 adaptor in IB mode and 1 adaptor in ETH mode?

I also needed the config that grant @ schultztechnology.com wanted (1 interface ETH and 1 interface IB) and it seems it’s only supported on Linux from my diggings.

Now I’m thinking of having 2 adaptors / server.

Thanks in advance…