x64 configuration missing from CUDA project template

I just noticed that there is a CUDA project template in VS 2010 Pro, presumably installed there by the CUDA Toolkit. So far, this template is an improvement over trying to set up the Empty Project template to build .cu code, since the latter is very error prone.

However, I find that this project template only offers a Win32 configuration, whereas I need x64. Should the CUDA Toolkit installer have put an x64 configuration in there, too? If not, where can I get one?

With your Win32 project loaded in Visual Studio, get to “Configuration Manager”.

From “Active solution platform:”, select: [ ]

In “Type or select the new platform:”, select: [x64]

In “Copy settings from:”, select: [Win32].

After this, you can select either the Win32 or x64 build. Using “Configuration Manager”, you can then delete the Win32 config, if not wanted.

Non-trivial, but easy!