Xavier C-phy symbol rate issue

Hello we are trying to capture image from a C-phy sensor.
We did this experiment on carrier board, and the result of the experiment comes to 1.73 Gsym/s per trio, which is just as datasheet mentioned.
On TX2 we have achieved 2.1 Gsym/s per trio in C-phy mode.
Is there any other registers besides edge delay we can try?

hello ray_lo,

please also refer to Topic 83945, data rate of C-PHY is up to 1.7Gsym/s per trio on Xavier.

Hi JerryChang,

tim_chen in Topic 83945 is my coworker.

We can run C-phy on Tx2 with 2.1 Gsym/s.

  1. We wonder why Tx2 can perform better than Xavier??

By the way, section 28.5.3 in Tx2’s TRM said something about edge delay, but Xavier’s TRM didn’t say anything about it.

  1. Does that mean we don’t need to set it?

  2. If there’s no need to set edge delay, then why there still has edge delay register in Xavier TRM?

Xavier have capability of 2.5 G Symbols/sec for CSI C-PHY, but It was reduced to a max of 1.7 Gsymbols/sec on Jetson AGX Xavier platform.

Hi edli1983,

If our client requires 2.1 Gsym/s, is there anything we can do?

hello ray_lo,

there is the current module design limitation, 1.7 Gsym/s

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section 28.5.3 in Tx2’s datasheet have mentioned how to change edge delay according to Cphy data rate,show below:

but how about Xavier board?on Xavier’s Board,how to change edge delay value?