Xavier NX output clock


I want to make 118pin(GPIO01 (CLK)) output clock to sensor. How to do that? I know 116 and 122 pin. I use TEGRA194_CLK_EXTPERIPH1 and TEGRA194_CLK_EXTPERIPH2 in dtsi file.

hello renjiec,

may I know what’ the actual use-case,
is it a camera sensor as you mentioned above?

We use three imx299 camera on our own xavier nx development board. We connected the camera’s input clock to nx som’s pin116, 122, and 118. The first and second way cameras are working but the third way does not work. There is no input clock signal. The third camera’s input clock pin connet to nx som’s pin 118.

hello renjiec,

you’re having customize carrier board instead of using Xavier NX developer kits, right?
please refer to Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide for [Chapter 9. MIPI CSI Video Input].

Yes,i see Chapter 9. MIPI CSI Video Input. Do you know how my code should be written in the device tree?

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

Yes,i need the support. I would like to know how my device tree should be configured to output the clock to the sensor from 118pin.

hello renjiec,

please have Pinmux Changes by updating pinmux spreadsheets.
you should change this pin as EXTPERIPH3_CLK, and re-flash the target to apply pinmux config.

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