Xavier NX SD card hot plug in/out

Hi all,

now, I’m working on Xaiver NX, i used sdmmc3 for sd card, and it’s working fine.
but, when it can’t be detect by hot plug in/out, i don’t honw what’s wrong with it.

I used GPIO12(GPIO3_PCC.04) as cd-gpio,
cd-gpios = <&tegra_aon_gpio TEGRA194_AON_GPIO(CC, 4) 0>;

Is sdmmc3 suppurt hot plug in/out?

hello tek.xing,

please share logs, you may enable a terminal with $ dmesg --follow,
please hot plug in/out your SD-card and share the kernel messages,

hi Jerry,

after demsg --follow, and plug in/out, there is no anything on terminal.
and GPIO12 is always input low when plug in/out.

gpio-268 (GPIO12 |cd ) in lo

hello tek.xing,

just for confirmation,
is this sd-card able to be detected when you keep the card inserted before system boot-up?

yes, i’m sure. i can format it and mount it.also can read and write.

hello tek.xing,

you should review the SD card connections.
please access Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide via download center and check the [SD Card and SDIO] chapter. please confirm your hardware connection is correct,

hello Jerry,

I checked,such as below picture, i don’t know the reason.


Please refer to this post.

Yes, i’ve done follow it as above picture at last.it’s can’t be detect via hot plug in/out.

Only hotplug case fails or even non-hotplug case fails too?

Do you see that gpio under /sys/kernel/debug/gpio?

Only hotplug failed, when i plugin sdcard before power on,it can be detected and working fine.

sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio | grep -i cd
gpio-268 (GPIO12 |cd ) in lo

Do you see this GPIO state in /sys/kernel/debug/gpio change when you hotplug the card?

No anything change,GPIO12 is always input low when plug in/out.i think it’s the hw issue and i’ll measure GPIO12’s signal.
I would like to know the settings are ok in dts?

I think you can measure the GPIO state first.