XBee Serial and the TX1

Hello everyone-

So I’m a complete beginner to Linux and the TX1 hardware, but am faced with the following challenge:

I have a TX1 and an XBee Pro (set to AT mode, as a coordinator). I basically want to send a 0 or 1 to the XBee via the TX1 serial pins (UART0 TX & RX), but am unsure of how to do this easily. I’m familiar with using an arduino to do a Serial.write(0), and so I guess I’m looking for the equivalent here. I’m language agnostic, so either C++ or Python would be helpful.

Thank you for your help, cheers everyone!

Which physical connector are you using? Also, do you have serial port settings listed for your device (I know nothing about XBee)? Are serial line voltage levels specified anywhere for your XBee?