Xrandr support in the 390.141 driver


Reading the docs it seems that xrandr 1.3 is the highest version supported.

Asking someone in the nvidia universe - - - - - why not xrandr 1.4 and 1.5?
(version 1.6 is being worked upon at this time (early 2021) AFAIK.


The 390.xx driver is legacy Unix graphics feature deprecation schedule

Thank you.

I was quite aware of the designed obsolescence!

Was looking in the package lists included over in Debian’s repository and find that xrandr 1.4 IS supported.
Seems like nvidia docs are just as not up to date as they could be.

I can understand nvidia not caring two whoops or hollers about supporting linux - - - - - after all there are all those juicy billions to be made in automotive computing.

I thank you for responding - - - - hopefully you don’t get chastised for offering linux support.

Not adding new features isn’t actually “designed obsolence”.

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March 3

Not adding new features isn’t actually “designed obsolence”.

Except a near term eol is functionally the same thing wouldn’t you say?