Yocto dosdcard.sh fails after Pre-processing mb2bct config. Command dtc

I keep getting a strange crash error trying to flash a yocto image onto a sdcard. I am following the ridgerun instruction with dosdcard.sh. Here is the error.

If anyone has seen it, I sure can use some help today. I am on a Ubuntu 20.04 pc.

command prompt:/tmp/tmp.uDX0GcD6hR$ sudo ./dosdcard.sh /dev/mmcblk0
[sudo] password for fred:
Board ID(3767) version(RC1) sku(0005) revision()
Welcome to Tegra Flash
version 1.0.0
Type ? or help for help and q or quit to exit
Use ! to execute system commands

[ 0.0428 ] tegrasign_v3.py --key None --getmode mode.txt
[ 0.0429 ] Assuming zero filled SBK key
[ 0.0365 ] Parsing partition layout
[ 0.0375 ] tegraparser_v2 --pt flash.xml.tmp
[ 0.0418 ] Change tegra234-bpmp-3767-0003-3509-a02.dtb to tegra234-bpmp-3767-0003-3509-a02_with_odm.dtb
[ 0.0419 ] Change tegra234-bpmp-3767-0003-3509-a02.dtb to tegra234-bpmp-3767-0003-3509-a02_with_odm.dtb
[ 0.0631 ] /usr/bin/python3 dtbcheck.py -c t234 -o tegra234-bpmp-3767-0003-3509-a02_with_odm.dtb tegra234-bpmp-3767-0003-3509-a02_with_odm_tmp.dtb
[ 0.4233 ] Concatenating L4TConfiguration.dtbo,tegra234-p3767-overlay.dtbo,tegra234-p3768-overlay.dtbo to tegra234-p3767-0003-p3768-0000-a0_with_odm_overlay.dtb
[ 0.4234 ] Concatenating bl dtb to cpubl binary
[ 0.4256 ] MB2 binary: mb2_t234.bin
[ 0.4256 ] Pre-processing mb2bct config: tegra234-mb2-bct-misc-p3767-0000.dts
Error: Return value 1
**Command dtc -I dts -O dtb -o tegra234-mb2-bct-misc-p3767-**0000_cpp.dtb tegra234-mb2-bct-misc-p3767-0000_cpp.dts

Suggest to contact with Ridgerun for the support.

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