0% GPU usage from tegrastats in DRIVE OS DPX2

Update on 11/16 (corrected SDK version to DRIVE OS Linux)

I upgrade my PX2 to drivework 1.2 (SDK DRIVE OS Linux for PX2) then cannot get any GPU usage from tegrastat as following (0%),

RAM 2747/6402MB (lfb 169x4MB) CPU [40%@1972,69%@2034,68%@2034,32%@1972,64%@1972,44%@1972] EMC_FREQ 0% GR3D_FREQ 0%@1275 GR3D_PCI % 0% PLL@47.5C MCPU@47.5C Tegra@0C Tdiode@51.75C AO@45.5C GPU@53.5C BCPU@47.5C thermal@52.25C Tegra@51.75C Tj@51.75C

I ran vectorAdd continutly with CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 or 1, still got 0%.

Is it a bug in this SDK? Is any suggestion for me to get GPU usage in DRIVE OS Linux? Thanks!

Hi Gary,

in general I would suggest you to use our Nsight Systems tool for evaluations over the GPU utilization. It has a much richer dashboard that provides you more detailed as well as easy accessible information.

Moreover please upgrade onto 5.0.10.x for DPX2 and check if the issue still persists.

  • Fabian

Sorry, I use the latest PX2 SDK DRIVE OS Linux, and has corrected title & typo in previous question.

Correct from to DRIVE OS Linux. Thanks!


Hi Gary,

thanks for your update.

First off, I have re-edited the title, your first post in terms of readability and deleted your system information from your last post since they are not relevant. It is enough to mention you are running now.

I have successfully reproduced your case and may tell you we are working on this feature for DPX2 right now. As pointed out, please use our Nsight systems tool instead for the time being.

Thanks a lot Gary for your awareness, we really appreciate your help!

  • Fabian

For reference - here’s another thread on the same topic: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1036238/general/can-t-detect-the-dgpu-utilization-through-tegrastat/

Any update on the progress, please?

Fix for the tegrastats issue will be included in the upcoming drive os release. Thanks!

It is said that Nsight systems tool is installed as part of the DRIVE OS bundle, but I failed to find it on my PX2. (My DRIVE OS is the newest version).


I use drive px2 as well, but when using tegrastats I get 0% GPU usage. (GR3D_FREQ and GR3D_PCI)
I tried using the Nsight System tool mentioned above, but I couldn’t find any information about GPU memory usage other than information on the GPU context.

I want to know how much gpu is used for the driveworks sample. (like nvidia-smi)
Can you tell if tegrastats has been updated or if there is a tool other than Nsight system tool?
Or is it possible to know how to get accurate GPU memory usage through Nsight system tool?

Hello 763k357,

GPU usage and GPU memory usage are 2 different things,
GPU usage in percent is the percent that the GPU is being used, relative to the current running frequency.
this utilization information is available in NSight Systems:

for memory usage, please open a separate topic with that question and you will be assisted.