10-bit color with VMWare

Does NVIDIA GRID support 10-bit color format with VMWare?
I guess the demand for 10-bit color would be increasing in professional markets.

Hi Tsumatsumo,

first of all VMWare or Citrix need to support this in the remoting protocol otherwise it makes no sense. As far as I know it is not supported/working today. There is to little demand to push them on this topic.



The problem is on NVidia side. There is possibility to capture 10-bit color with drivers >= r376 but NVidia Grid (vGPU) drivers are stuck in <= r370 and no information about backport of this feature was published (see https://gridforums.nvidia.com/default/topic/402/grid-boards/10bit-hardware-and-vdi-for-medical-purpose/post/3915/). You can use Quadro card in passthrough mode but be aware of NVidia unknown status about passthrough of Pxxxx cards (see https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/992447/). Terrible NVidia !

Hi mcerveny,
unfortunately you seem not to look at the whole picture. As I said already as long as the remoting vendors (Citrix and VMWare) doesn’t provide a solution there is no task on our side. And btw there will be the next GRID major release very soon with the latest UDA driver branch. Tsumatosumo especially asked about VMWare so you should definetely take this into consideration before blaming others.



Hello Simon.

Do you think that there is only Citrix and VMWare ?
My solution is perfectly capable of H.265 Main10 remote protocol but I am blocked by NVidia "waiting" decision.

VMWare is capable of passthrough vDGA that is first step (until new Grid drivers) to enable 10bit encoding from Jan 2017 (NVidia Capture SDK 6.0) but you probably need Pascal Quadro GPU (NVidia Video Codec SDK 8.0). Pascal Quadro GPUs (Pxxxx) are not on VMWare vDGA compatibility list and I suppose it will not be here because there is something crippled in VBios or driver initialization code in guest. I found workaround for Xen virtualization.

My opinion: As usual I am not requesting neither or expecting any solution from NVidia side (if something will come either it won’t be usable for licenseless Grid K1/K2). I described only my point of view based on my real programming experiments and I do not try to interfere with NVidia’s Visions.

Yours sincerely, Martin

Update: NOW possible with NVIDIA https://gridforums.nvidia.com/default/topic/402/#16296