100GBASE-SR2 supported PCIe ethernet adapter?

I have an application that requires 100GBASE-SR2 which uses 2x 50Gb/s PAM4.
I’ve narrowed down the transceiver to the MMA1T00-VS. I’m having trouble determining which PCIe HHHL adapter supports 100GBASE-SR2.
The ConnectX-6EN user manual does not say it supports 100GBASE-SR2, is that a typo?.

Can I use one optical transceiver and break out 2 channels of 100GBASE-SR2 using a breakout cable or will I need 2 transceivers and only get only one 100Gbe port out of each qsfp56 cage.


Hello jgee,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Developer Forum - Infrastructure and Networking - Section.

The following link will provide you the information about which cables and transceiver is supported for the ConnectX-6 EN adapters → https://docs.nvidia.com/networking/display/ConnectX6Firmwarev20321010/Firmware+Compatible+Products

This f/w RN will also provide you the list with the p/n for the most suitable ConnectX-6 EN adapter for your application.

Be aware break-out functionality is only supported on our Ethernet and InfiniBand switches. Our adapters do not have this functionality, limited to switch side only, adapter is the end-point.

Thank you and regards,
~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support

Thank you for replying and explaining the breakout functionality.

  1. MCX614106A-VCAT and two MMA1T00-VS transceivers will allow two ports of 200GBASE-SR4 or two ports of 100GBASE-SR2 or a combination of, depending on what’s on the other end of the fiber.
  2. Or a MCX614106A-CCAT and two MMA1T00-VS.transceivers will allow two ports of 100GBASE-SR2 max.
    Can you verify that the above is correct?
    Thank you.

Hello jgee,

Just to reiterate, the ConnectX-6 adapter does not support break-out functionality. This is only supported on the switch side.

So trying to breakout the adapter on single lines based on the modules is not working and the functionality does not exist.

Thank you and regards,
~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support

Hello MvB,
I thought breakout functionality meant to get more than one channel out of a single qsfp56 cage. For example, to get 2 independent 100GBASE-SR2 channels out of one 200GBASE-SR4 transceiver. That is not what I proposed in my previous reply. I wanted only one 100GBASE-SR2 channel per transceiver.

I chose the MMA1T00-VS.transceiver because the datasheet says it does 50Gb/s PAM4 and UP to 200Gb/s.

ConnectX-6 firmware release notes indicates it will support 100GbE in PAM4 mode which I assume is 100GBASE-SR2.

These are the release notes for the NVIDIA® ConnectX®-6 adapters firmware Rev 20.32.1010. This firmware supports the following protocols:

  • Ethernet - 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, 50GbE1, 100GbE1, 200GbE2
  1. Speed that supports both NRZ and PAM4 modes in Force mode and Auto-Negotiation mode.
  2. Speed that supports PAM4 mode only.

I guess what I am asking is will :

  1. MCX614106A-VCAT and a MMA1T00-VS transceiver connect to a switch that is 100GBASE-SR2?
  2. MCX614106A-CCAT and a MMA1T00-VS.transceiver connect to a switch that is 100GBASE-SR2?
    Please let me know if this is not the case and how to get the ConnectX-6 to do 100GBASE-SR2?

Thank you.

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