2 MIPI CSI Cameras: Jetson TK1 DevKit vs. e-con DevKit (eSOMTK1 & Propus)


I’m looking for a development solution which allows me to connect easily two mipi csi rgb cameras with at least FullHD@30fps.

In general i would favour the Jetson TK1 devBoard, but i’m not shure if it is easily possible to connect to cameras without designing a own pcb. Does anybody know that?

On the other side, e-con would provide a dev kit (eSOMTK1 & Propus) which allows to connect two cameras and they also provide corresponding camera boards. But, whats about software support? Can I use the normal Nvidia package (L4T) for the Jetson TK1 DevBoard with all the knowledge from this forum also for the e-con board?

Would be great to get some information/experiences about the differences of both solutions.


To be a bit more concrete:
Is it for example possible to use JetPack 2.1 for L4T with the e-con dev kit?

You may have some luck here asking questions regarding the specifics of using the e-Con Systems kits, and much of the knowledge imparted on this forum would likely be applicable to their kits. We can only support our own NVIDIA-manufactured Dev Kits, however; you should contact e-Con Systems with additional inquiries regarding their kits.

Regarding your specific inquiry, I believe maintaining JetPack compatibility, if it exists, would be up to e-Con Systems, JetPack is only supported on our own NVIDIA-manufactured Dev Kits.

Propus and Jetson has few differences such as support for dual camera, addition of WiFi, Support for 2 USB 3.0 ports. So the board support package shall vary due to these changes.

Application and other installations shall work in Propus as in Jetson.