28.1 Driver Pack for tx1?

Is 28.1 available also for the TX1? In the page

when I try to download the driver package the link provided is

And (obviously) does not work for the tx1 platform. I downloaded then the JetPack 3.1 and when I go to download the components for the TX1 it finds only 24.2.1…
Am I missing something obvious?

This used to be there, so it looks like the web page lost something. Some files are in common between a TX1 and TX2, e.g., the sample root file system, but driver package itself differs between the two unless something has changed.

I see only this for a TX2:

The file which used to be there, but which is now missing, is:

Can someone verify whether the web page has broken or if we have lost the TX1 R28.1 downloads?

Hi EmbeddedRod and linuxdev,

It seems we’re missing some links in the Linux For Tegra R28.1 page, but user can still find those files from download center - https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads

Thanks for reporting this issue, we will fix this link error problem soon.


Hi EmbeddedRod and linuxdev,

This issue was fixed, both T186 and T210 driver package links are added.


Please,could you give us the link?
I can not find

It is the same URL for both TX1 and TX2, but there are separate “Driver Package” URLs on that web page (same sample rootfs, same JetPack, so on):

For TX1, use https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/l4t-jetson-tx1-driver-package-28-1

It is normal that the TX2 is pointing on Tegra210… and TX1 to Tegra186… ?
Many thanks:)

sorry (( I have inverted: in Fact :

It is normal that the TX2 is pointing on Tegra186… and TX1 to Tegra210… ?

Yes, T210 is TX1 and T186 is TX2.

Super :)

Just for the sake of trivia, each Tegra chip has a series of chips defining an architecture. Then there are a series of actual implementations within a series (e.g., one implementation may be dual core, the other quad core…both are the same architecuture).

A TX1 is t21x architecture/series, a TX2 is t18x architecture/series. A t210 is the quad core implementation on the module everyone knows for a TX1, the t186 is the quad core module which fits the developer board (there would be a different implementation on Shield TV, but architecture would match).