3060 Ti and Linux

So running a 3060 Ti that has some quirks.

Currently running parrot home and getting no display. The card is seen and modules load, according to lspci and lsmod respectively. Tried both nouveau and from apt repost. Both load. Nothing displays.

I can only get this information by hooking a monitor up to the onboard vga and using a console login, X doesn’t show up on that.

Now, in windows loads this card also won’t display bios/uefi or windows loading screen, nothing displays until the drivers are initialized.
To even install windows or Linux I need to yank the nvidia card, install off the on board, and then install drivers and put the card back in.

The whole system is a lenova ideacentre. Intel 12700k, i915 chipset. There’s nothing in uefi for any kind of video priority. I honestly think it’s more a motherboard thing than the card.

Any help, suggestions, or hammers to hit it with would be helpful.