[35.3.1] Jetson orin nano USB3.2#2 compliance test faild to TSSC item

Hi Nvidia,

We have a EA test to Jetson orin nano USB3.2#2, but some item faild. Could you plaese to give us some sugesstion to pass this test?

我們對Jetson orin nano USB3.2#2進行了usb訊號測試,但是在TSSC的項目有許多失敗。

P.S. The test resault to same port at Jetson orin nx was pass.

BKey.mht (1.6 MB)

Hi, USBSS tuning is not supported as custom design is assumed to follow Design Guide well and SI quality is so guaranteed.

I’m HW engineer. We design a carrier board for Jetson Orin_NX/Nano module.
We measure the USB 3.2 Gen2 signal quality for both modules but only fail on Jetson Orin_Nano.
I think the layout design is not a problem. Does NV measure the USB 3.2 Gen2 signal quality for Jetson Orin_Nano?? What was the test result?

EA test file.7z (2.3 MB)

Is there any new progress??