358.16 Video Tearing in Chrome on Ubuntu

Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit
nVidia GTX 750 Ti
358.16 driver
Regular DVI non-G-Sync monitor

I downloaded and installed the 358.16 drivers. I allowed the driver install to update my xorg config file as I always do. I even restarted the computer just to be sure.

OpenGL works fine but whenever I play full screen video in Chrome, such as with YouTube, there’s video tearing no matter how I tweak the nVidia settings.

I reverted back to the 355.11 drivers and the video tearing went away. Thought you should know.

Do you have unredirect enabled in compizconfig? Compiz generally doesn’t/can’t do anything to prevent tearing in unredirect windows (unfortunately), though I’m curious that it seemed to be working for you previously.

Unredirect is enabled, but Chrome renders through OpenGL with vsync so normally there’s no tearing even in full screen. For instance, there’s no tearing in full screen Chrome even in Lubuntu / LXDE when not using a compositing manager. With 355.11 and all previous drivers there’s no video tearing in Chrome. Only with the 358.16 drivers.