Video tearing poll for *** Kepler *** users (GeForce 6xx, 7xx and Titan, GKxxx)

Please vote.

Sample AVI clip.

Sample youtube clip 1
Sample youtube clip 2

I voted for: OpenGL compositing manager - no tearing at all
But I do have tearing in one specific example: When I have TVTime opened, I have tearing when I scroll in Firefox (when I minimize tvtime tearing is gonne).

Are there just eight Kepler users here?

GeForce 670 here on awesomewm with no compositing. I get bad video tearing in all modes, with any compistors, when I have the Composite X extension enabled. I had to manually disable it in my xorg.conf to get tear-free video, despite not using a composited environment.

I also have constant video tearing with everything. Movies, games, moving windows around with KWin (and gnome-shell). I’ve tried both binary blob and nouveau drivers, same problems with both.

Nvidia GTX 660

I voted “No composite Manager - No tearing”, but I will get tearing when VSync is not enabled of course, which is as expected. Although having two mplayer videos using VDPau open at the same time will result in tearing in the latter video, but I suspect that is not a bug either.

I’m using 313, though, so if this bug is specific to 319 then I won’t see it.

You nead another option, no tearing in any case.