4 Quadro RTX 4000 for Unreal Engine 4 simulations (games) and Nvidia Mosaic


I wonder if it’s possible to play a simulation (game) created with Unreal Engine 4 using 4 Quadro RTX 4000, and how good it is. The reason why I need to use 4 cards is that I am going to connect 14 projectors to them (2x7 grid). the total resolution would be 8960x1600 because each projector resolution is 1280x800. Now because RTX 4000 does not support NVLink, I guess only one card will do the work and the rest is just used for display right? I’m looking to buy the right card currently but has a very hard time finding benchmark results on the internet. I’m fine if the game just runs in 24 fps, as long as it’s possible to run it on that resolution, with all the features (nvidia mosaic, quadro sync).

What about 4x Quadro P4000 with SLI?