415 to 440 with all GPUs: No Hair Rendering in Deus Ex: Mankind divided

Now that I got a new GTX 1660 Ti I recently bought Deus Ex: Mankind divided. The game runs fine, except that characters have no hair (except Jensen and Koller so far, they are the rare exception). Everyone has shaved heads and no beards/facial hair. This is quite distracting. I’ve investigated and it seems that hair rendering in Deus Ex has been broken since the 418 driver version. Feral recommends running the game with the 410 driver, but it’s not an option for me since it doesn’t support the 1660.

I’m using Ubuntu 19.10 with the Steam version of Deux Ex: MD. I tried the 430, 435 and 440 drivers and the problem is the same with all of them.

I have the same issue, I even downgraded my driver to version 415.27 and still have the this bug.
In this steampost are people discussing this issue, it still needs to be resolved.

I just installed the newest driver, still no hair on characters.

Same, with GeForce GTX 980 driver 440.44, Ubuntu 18.04.

Thanks for reporting this. It’s being tracked in internal bug number 2774120.

trying 440.44 right now, hair are still missing.

It’s probably not entirely unrendered. If you move around a character with missing hair, you can see a light shimmer where hair should be. So something is rendered that gives a slight change in brightness to the background.

Whatever :)

Thank you for your effort and happy new year, when can we expect the bugfix to be released?

Can you post the driver version here, when it’s ready?

Hi design-1. The bug is still being investigated.

I was wondering if any progress has been made, i use driver version 440.59 at the moment and the people are still bald.

If you need any debug information, i’m happy to help, if I can provide you with any logs or other data to reproduce it.