50MP Photo & 8k Video Camera Modules

As some may remember I’ve been working on better camera modules for the Jetson platforms for a long time. Finally ready to launch what I believe is a very good value very high quality camera.

The sensor is the Samsung S5KGN2 which you can find in (amongst others) the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro phones. The module is approx the same size as the RPi HQ modules without lens. This module (dubbed ‘C50M’) has auto-focus and a 90-degree FoV F1.83 lens. The module has a 22-pin 0.5mm pitch FFC connector with the ‘standard’ layout for Jetson boards (exposing 4 CSI-2 lanes). I’ll include a conversion cable to plug it in the default 15-pin Nano connectors as well.

As there’s a minimum order size to get access to the manufacturing and support (further documentation / driver code) I’ve started a campaign to collect pre-orders:

Please let me know what you think.


I think this is fantastic. Is there an option to order without the lens? Maybe with an M12 mount instead? Additionally, how were you able to find distribution and documentation for this sensor? I’ve been trying to find these for months to no avail. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated!


Looks great and I’d like to join :-)
I’m looking for an affordable good sensor for an AGX Orin devkit. Is it supported ?

Thank you for the kind words!

I tried to find a suitable solution for interchangeable lenses, but so far nothing really viable. M12 mount lenses tend to not be good enough and the suppliers who could guarantee quality would triple production costs of the entire module (compared to now). Once there’s enough demand for interchangeable lenses (doesn’t seem like it yet) it’ll likely be a module with swappable carriers, one for CS mount lenses (more glass than M12 means easier to get enough optical resolution) and possibly MFT (micro four-thirds) as high quality lens option.

It took a lot of digging, hustling, calling, pushing for access over the last ~2-3 years to get a viable setup for production! Feel free to send me a mail at stefan@rbts.co to discuss further.

Thanks! It’s definitely the intention to make the modules available to the AGX platform. First focus is on the Nano format dev kits as it’s the easiest platform (electronically and in terms of past experience) and the driver code would (partly) carry over to the AGX.

Hi @_Stefan ,

Could you share the status of the project, please ? Has there been certain available support of the camera for any Nvidia Jetson platform?

To be honest, we are interested in high resolution camera sensors for drone photogrammetry tasks but we have been struggling with the interfacing with general purpose SoC as they mainly dispose the MIPI-CSI2 interface.

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