535.54.03 Screen tearing while gaming on Wayland session

[Wayland] And just for the record… how it was on 525 driver, no screen tearing or/and flickering at all (R.I.P NVENC)

There some lags because of CPU x264 encoder, there no lags without recording

Garuda (arch-based) with latest kde plasma 5

Monitor - LG 29WK600 (Ultrawide) 2560x1080 75hz
Garuda Linux (Arch Based) - AMD Ryzen 2600 - GTX 970 - 16 GB of ram
NVIDIA Driver - 525.147.05

Screen Capture

Phone recording

And thanks again for fixing VRAM Allocation Issues - #28 by amrits

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (839.6 KB)