64 bit problem Vista x64 + CUDA 64 + VC ++ ( VS 2008 )

I have problem else .
I run Vista x64 and Service Pack 1 and uninstall video card driver and install CUDA 2.1 driver and toolkit and SDK and install wizard w64 and install VC ++ ( VS2008 ) and run as administrator right .
Here is a New Project and CUDA 64 . I have a location , and name of solution . I push create . I have a project directory . i have not name of solution .
If i get this same step and run as sufficient ( no administrator right ) in wizard w 32 . I choose a location and name of solution then run oneself wizard console and i have project directory and name of solution .
Is that correct run CUDA 64 ?
If not correct, how can i run CUDA 64 ?
Please help me

Have you installed the 64 bit code for VS 2008. It does not install be default, unless you install everything. You can add it later by select it.