7.2 docs

I was just wondering if the 7.2 documentation is still around somewhere. I used to be able to get a certain version by changing the URL, I think. But now I can’t seem to be find a way to get a specific version.

I’m not sure if there are still older versions online but the OptiX Programming Guide and API Reference documents for each specific version are still available as PDF files inside your local SDK installation’s docs folder.

You can have all OptiX SDK versions installed side-by-side. Comparing the SDK headers will show what changed.
The OptiX Release Notes document (links below the download button for each OptiX version) also describes what changed in each version.
There are usually only very few incompatible API changes between versions and mostly feature additions. Means everything else will still be the same between OptiX 7.2.0 and the currently online OptiX 7.4.0 documentation which is mainly a superset of the previous versions.

Thank you! I was also wondering that for documentation purposes, so good point with the SDK. Much appreciated!

It would be nice to still have them online though, just in case.

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