Old Samples in New Version


I would like to know how to get samples that came with older releases but dropped in new Optix 4.0 or 4.0.1. For example, I do not see Progressive Photon Mapping example in the Optix 4. But I do not want to uninstall 4 and install 3.9 just for this.

And the only way of getting older version seems to be downloading the .exe which would require me to install it. I’m wondering if there is way that wouldn’t require me to install but still get the old files and integrate it into the new SDK ?

Different OptiX versions can be installed on the same system without problems.
You can install OptiX 3.9.1 and 4.0.1 next to each other without harm and look at the examples you’re interested in.

The examples in OptiX 4.0 have been streamlined and renamed to make it clearer that there are two different APIs available, the high-level ray casting API OptiX and the low-level ray intersection API OptiX Prime.

Good question. We plan to put some of the older demo samples like Progressive Photon Map on github as an optional download that you can grab and drop into the SDK. I’ll post something when that’s ready. We still need to make the old samples work with the new sutil library.

For the 4.0 SDK, as you noticed, we re-focused the samples to be learning tools for people new to OptiX.

And as Detlef said, for now you can install 3.9.1 and 4.0 side by side, but the sutil libraries are different.

Awesome! Thank you @Detlef and @dlacewell for your replies!