802.11ac Wifi connection?

I’m trying to connect to 5 GHz Wifi. I have both antennas installed, but scanning for networks I’m only seeing the 2.4 GHz networks. Is there anything special I need to do to connect to 5 GHz network?

It’s likely the TX1 doesn’t support some of the higher bands in WiFi, i.e. between 5.725-5.875 GHz. Which is odd. There is evidence that the chipset does support these bands:


I’m running into the same problem, my WiFi AP doesn’t support the lower 5GHz bands, only the ones above. But my TX1, which came with a Dev Kit in the USA, only supports 5.1-5.320 GHz. I’d like to know if this is intentional. This is very strange for any WiFi device marketed as dual band.

Don’t know about your particular cases, but WiFi is certified differently in different regions of the world. This is why firmware is not user adjustable…it’d break the certifications.

You can get the connection to work if you set your router to use the channels in the lower WiFi bands. It is not clear to me why the upper bands are not supported in the US, but if you “sudo iw list” you will find the TX-1 restricted to:

* 5180 MHz [36] (20.0 dBm)
* 5200 MHz [40] (20.0 dBm)
* 5220 MHz [44] (20.0 dBm)
* 5240 MHz [48] (20.0 dBm)
* 5260 MHz [52] (20.0 dBm) (passive scanning, no IBSS, radar detection)
* 5280 MHz [56] (20.0 dBm) (passive scanning, no IBSS, radar detection)
* 5300 MHz [60] (20.0 dBm) (passive scanning, no IBSS, radar detection)
* 5320 MHz [64] (20.0 dBm