About install sdkmanager for Xavier NX

I’m trying to install sdkmanager.
The situation is as below.

Install Ubuntu 18.04 in my PC.

NVIDIA SDK Manager download

sudo apt install ./sdkmanager_1.1.0-6343_amd64.deb

sdkmanager → error

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt install libnss3-dev
sudo apt install libgtk-3-0
sudo apt install libxss1

sdkmanager → error

sdkmanager --user hiro.ohnishi@ai-e.co.jp → now

current error message is,
Gtk-WARNING **: 01:41:28.496: cannot open display: :0

How can I use sdkmanager?

What was the error here (a specific log message would help)? Also, downloads from SDKM depend on a manifest file, which is itself downloaded. Do you have internet access on your PC? Is there any kind of firewall or proxy involved?

I found the error as below.

Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
You might want to run ‘apt --fix-broken install’ to correct these.
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
google-chrome-stable : Depends: libappindicator3-1 but it is not installed
Recommends: libu2f-udev but it is not installed
Recommends: libvulkan1 but it is not installed
E: Unmet dependencies. Try ‘apt --fix-broken install’ with no packages (or specify a solution).

Run this on the host PC, then try again:

sudo apt update
sudo apt --fix-broken install

Do you still see the error? Did the sudo apt --fix-broken install appear to make any changes?

Thank you
I could solve the problem about install.
But I found this error, couldn’t solve.

“(sdkmanager:18141): Gtk-WARNING **: 10:12:24.561: cannot open display:”

The regular JetPack/SDK Manager requires a GUI. Were you operating from command line?

Note that you can flash from command line without the GUI. Someone may need to verify this example since I do not have an NX, but if the device shows up on the host PC with “lsusb -d 0955:”, then in the “Linux_for_Tegra/” directory command line flash would go something like this:
sudo ./flash.sh jetson-nx mmcblk0p1

To use JetPack/SDKM directly be sure you are running in a GUI environment. If you still get that error while in a GUI environment, then more debugging would be needed.

Oh, I see.
I will flash without GUI.
Thank you very much.

I had the same problem. Need to set X Display manually:

$export DISPLAY=:0

$ sdkmanager
→ show the GUI

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