About North at Sun Study

I was not sure whether to write it in the forum or not, but I decided to write it anyway, since it is only a confirmation.

I also confirmed the following.

When using the Sun Study Extension in Omniverse Create, the “North Orientation” is specified in the “Sun Study Location”.

Am I correct in understanding that when “North Orientation = 0.0”, the +X direction is north?
Similarly, if “North Orientation = 90.0”, is it correct that the -Z direction is north?

I thought it would be good to have information in the documentation on which way is north for each coordinate system (Omniverse Create is Y-Up and right hand).


Thank you for your feedback.

I set the date and time to 30 minutes after sunrise on the vernal equinox, and when tested with the Tokyo preset, the light was shining from the +Z direction and the shadow was falling in the -Z direction, so +X is north. Also, Omniverse is a right-handed coordinate system, so if you enter 90 in North Orientation, it will rotate 90 degrees, so -Z is north.

Hi @tumezawa,
Thank you for your confirmation and reply.
I am relieved to hear that my understanding is correct.