About NvMediaImage memory layout;

In some video encode sample code,

NvMediaSurfaceType inputFormat = NvMediaSurfaceFormatGetType(surfFormatAttrs, NVM_SURF_FMT_ATTR_MAX);

For this surface type, where each pixel’s Y/U/V data locate in NvMediaImage?
Then I can save it as a RGB picture;


Dear hui_luan,
NVMediaImage is abstract data type. Please grep for checking the usage of NvMediaImageGetBits() in samples.

I know that, but data get from NvMediaImageGetBits() is block linear layout.
I have no document to show how the data of every pixel locates in the buffer, can you give me some informations ?
I’m using picture size is 1920x1208;

Dear hui_luan,
Just to clarify, applications can get data in Pitch Linear Planar YUV format using NvMediaImageGetBits() API. Did you check usage of NvMediaImageGetBits() in samples? If you can provide code snippet on what you are trying to achieve, We can guide you on that.