about the license issue

Dear Sir,
I bought the license on July,2012 with one year subscription, and I did not upgrade in the valid year. Could I upgrade the license to 13.5 now ? because I suppose 13.5 veron should be in the valid year, if I upgrade at that time.

Hi Teslalady,

The license would be valid for all version up to the end of the subscription period. If the subscription ended July 2013, then yes you can upgrade to version 13.5.

  • Mat

Hi, Mat, I means whether I could still upgrade the license to 13.5 right now…

It’s probably best to send your question to PGI Customer Service (trs@pgroup.com) and include your PIN number. They will be able to look at your license and tell you exactly which release your subscription expired and if you are able to use PGI 13.5.