About the time synchronization

In the documents:
gPTP/802.1AS Conforming Configuration Support
This topic describes the DRIVE PX 2 platform support for 802.1AS conforming time synchronization messages for software or hardware time synchronization:
• From the AURIX MCU to both Tegras
• Using the PTP4l program on the Tegra processors
• Using the AutoSAR 802.1AS clock master function on the AURIX processor

AURIX Timestamping
NVIDIA desire is to AURIX timestamping move to PTP. This is still under investigation. The thought being any data provided to Tegra(s) from AURIX is immediately usable and AURIX can provide transformation with the maximum accuracy.

Does this mean that currently the Aurix is using gPTP/802.1AS,and you are moving PTP onto it?Why need this change?