Syncronising more DrivePX2 boards (Tegras) with PTP

Dear Colleagues,

We are trying to synchronise more DrivePX2 boards using PTP. The PTP sync itself seems to work the system clocks are synchronized, but the recordtool seems to ignore it. What I mean by recordtool is the following:


When starting the recordtool at the command line it displays that it is falling back to CLOCK_MONOTONIC, because no valid PTP source is detected.

Could you specify the details of the Tegra-Aurix PTP communication? Is it possible to use any other PTP master than the Aurix controller, in case of DrivePX2?

As written here,, the recorder tool expects the system clock to be synced on both boards with PTP and reads it.

In any case I do highly suggest to move to AGX in the future since it’s more robust in terms of PTP.