Access Point(AC) of Jetson Xavier NX is very weak

Hi everyone:

I used Jetson Xavier NX and used create_ap here: GitHub - oblique/create_ap: [NOT MAINTAINED] This script creates a NATed or Bridged WiFi Access Point.

I used my PC to connect it. However, the WIFI disconnected frequently… In the Jeston Xavier NX I connected to 1 LiDAR, two cameras and two GNSS modules. Do you think is it the performance of the Jetson (I mean too many processing threds make the WIFI to be disconnected)?

Should I update the Network Manager? Do you think it will help?

Thx and I am looking forward to your reply!

You can use the TegraState to monitor the system status, see NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Applications and Tools | NVIDIA Docs

Sometimes it helps, you can get it a try,

Thx for your reply! I also connected my Jetson to LiDAR with etherner port, I did not know whether it will influence my WLAN connection or not…

It could be, but need to do the test by unplug them to know.

I checked the syslog file here and find that create_ap connection was disconnected…

Do you have any idea about that? Thx!

Have you ever see a mode switch in your system? like from AP to station mode and back, or there is some errors there. This could be record in the kernel message.

Need to figure out if this is something related to wifi firmware or the system.

Thx for your quick reply! Mode switch? You mean the mode switch for AP?
Another question that how can check the kernel message? I am fresh man… Sorry…

You can refer tp Jetson/General debug -

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