Access to Jetpack 2.3.x or 3.0 for TK1?

I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to reinstall the OS for a TK1. I’ve tried the steps for R21.7 (which doesn’t seem to boot) and R21.8, which just spits kernel errors. I wanted to give the Jetpack method a go, but it seems, despite the archive page, everything prior to Jetpack 3.3 isn’t there. Is there still an archive I can get a version that supports the TK1?

The patch releases provided only the command line version, and no GUI. The GUI is only a front end to this anyway, so it wouldn’t fix anything. However, it is likely there is some other error. You will probably need to show a log of the boot failure via serial console.

Assuming this is a TK1 dev kit, then you will need the DB-9 style serial cable for this. At the host PC side the settings required are “115200 8N1” (speed 115200, 8-bits, no stop bits, 1 parity bit…I believe flow control is optional, try without CTS/RTS first).

I had to order a DB9 cable. I’ll try when it arrives.