TX1 Jetpack 3.1 -> Jetpack 4.3

We have a Jetson TX1 currently running Jetpack 3.1 (L4T 28.1.0). Is it possible to update from Jetpack 3.1 directly to Jetpack 4.3 using the SDK Manager or other tool(s)?

The short answer is “no”. Once you have the most recent release though you will probably be able to do future upgrades without those tools.

The longer answer is that the Jetson, when in recovery mode, is a custom USB device understood only by the driver package running on the host Linux PC. The boot content is custom in a system like this, and thus the native Ubuntu methods of changing release will leave the unit unbootable until you flash again.

Thanks for the info.

I am actually trying to verify that Jetpack 4.3 is supported by the TX1. I had come across some posts indicating Jetpack 3.3 was the latest supported version, and thus my confusion. The intention is use the SDK Manager to update from Jetpack 3.1 to the latest Jetpack version supported on the TX1.

At one point TX1 support was superceded and new releases were not covering this. Then other hardware was introduced which was compatible with this, and thus releases starting covering both the TX1 and newer hardware. The newer hardware support ended up making newer releases compatible. Go here, log in, then click the link again (redirect does not work)…you’ll find the list of releases compatible with the TX1: