Jetpack 3.1 Breaks 3.0

Hi all,

Jetpack 3.1 is out! That’s great news with the support for new kernel and TensorRT versions which I’ve been looking for. Right now though my software is working great with Jetpack 3.0 and I have a bit of a time crunch getting some things ready so cannot make sure everything works on 3.1 immediately.

Sadly today In the middle of flashing a few TX1 development kits with Jetpack 3.0 everything mysteriously stopped working, when fetching the repository database I am now met with a single word “error” in the bottom left of the Jetpack software and am no longer able to flash the TX1.

I thought maybe it was an issue with the old Jetpack so I downloaded the new 3.1 software. In the dropdown on the new Jetpack 3.1 though it’s the same story. I can select any of the versions in the dropdown and all of them will work EXCEPT 3.0.

Seems to be a bug on the server side since it was able to affect the old Jetpack software even while it was in use. Any help getting this fixed would be great!



I have the same kind of output than you.
I can’t install v3.0 from any of the v3.1 or v3.0 of Jetpack

I hope this will find a solution soon, for the moment I’m trying to find a workaround



It is fixed now. Please try Jetpack3.0 again.

If any issue, please let me know. Thanks.

I can confirm, Jetpack 3.0 is working again now. Thanks for the quick support nVidia!