Flash Jetpack3.0 on jetson TX1 not success!

I have Flashed Jetpack2.3 on my jetson tx1,but something has wrong,so i reflash jetpack3.0 on my jetson tx1.But something is not friendly for me,there is a problem.
“Installation of target components finished , press Enter key to continue”
But it’s no use to press Enter.So i reboot and press Enter.it’s quit!but haven’t success! the opencv has installed on jetson. when i import cv2,It’s told me no module.could anyone help me.Thanks so much!

Hi strugglingboy,

I Suggest you download jetpack again and following below steps:

The JetPack3.1 is the latest version, you can try this one.

Dear carolyuu!
Thank you reply for me!
I have solved this problem.it’s a magical problem.you know,The problem is when we stop in “Installation of target components finished , press Enter key to continue”. now we just stop it,and run the jetpack again.so can solve this problem .but i saw all the blog hasn’t took this.so when i free,i will write a blog to tell others.