Miss some step while build up by running JetPack3.3

I am building up the tx2 by JetPack3.3
But I found that every time, I miss some steps from the Developer kits.
My JetPack3.3 just download “Flash OS Image to Target” & “Install on Target” package, Didn’t install them.
Everytime I run JetPack, It show “install X.X” but didn’t install them.
More I didn’t find the sample in the right directory.
So Could you please help me to fix this issue. I want the cuda ,the sample & the opencv first.

Thanks. Thank you.

Hi Terry,

I don’t fully understand your problem. What do you mean “Everytime I run JetPack, It show “install X.X” but didn’t install them.” …? Could you give an example?

I am sorry for my explain.
My really problem is that it not install the CUDA toolkit and opencv on the target.

In the step of “Select the Jetson Developer Kit you are developing to customize the installation
The row 5 Action of the gui.
While it installed, it will show “no action” And once any package without install, it will show “install X.X”. I can’t paste the picture,I will show clear with picture.

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Tip: You can add packages at any time without flashing. In the choice of things to do, just list packages you are adding, but do not put the Jetson in recovery mode. Make sure wired ethernet is connected. Since determining IP address automatically may be the reason for failure, check the console and manually add IP address if possible.

Tip: If, from your host, you can “ssh nvidia@”, then you know ssh will work (and scp uses ssh).