Jetson TX2 Problem with installing CUDA toolkit and OpenCV from jetpack

CUDA toolkit is not installed after a fresh flash. I did have a problem with the flash as the JetPack installer on the host laptop didn’t let me install OpenCV. The TX2 works fine and I have installed OpenCV myself however the CUDA toolkits available are not made for the Jetson architecture. The only way I can see of getting the CUDA toolkit installed is through JetPack and it hasnt done that.

After a reflash using latest version, still unable to get OpenCV directly from JetPack installer CUDA toolkit still not installed.

The add-on software packages like CUDA/cuDNN/OpenCV/ect that JetPack installs aren’t flashed over USB like L4T is - JetPack installs those packages during the post-install steps using the network. Did you have your host PC and Jetson connected over the network (ideally patched into the same router) or notice any other networking problems during the install?

You may want to confirm your networking setup and try to re-run the Post-Installation Steps in JetPack again. You can de-select flashing L4T and keep the other sw packages selected, and JetPack will skip the flashing and pick-up with the post-install steps. Before doing so, you should have your Jetson and host PC booted, and make sure you can ping both machines from each other.

Thanks for the quick reply. Will carry out and hopefully post result soon.

Issue has been resolved, thank you very much @dusty_nv