Accessing VI_CFG_VGP1_0 register


I need to direct access (read/write) VI_CFG_VGP1_0 register in Xavier NX, so tried as usual:

sudo devmem2 0x15C05068

0x15C00000 is VI block address, and 0x5068 is VI_CFG_VGP1_0 byte offset, both from Technical Reference manual.
Unluckily that command crashes the system, maybe I did something wrong in address calculation?

Many thanks


Have a try 0x15f05068

Same result (system reboot) as before, unluckily

This REG is in VI scope may need to disable the power gate to access it.
Have a check the driver in …/kernel/nvidia/drivers/media/platform/tegra/camera/*

Thanks, I got the real GPIO value address by logging tegra_gpio_writel in gpio-tegra186.c

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