Add Nvidia VGPU to Master MCS Image


I was wondering if there are any issues involved with leaving the NVidia VGPU still attached to my master image for XenDesktop using MCS ? Using the profile M10-1B. In some of the old citrix documentation it says to remove the VGPU from the image before using it as a template. And new instructions do not mention removing the VGPU. If we are creating several hundred VDIs I would seem a pain to add the VGPU after they are created.

Below is some info on what we are using

Dual NVidia Grid M10
VSphere 6.7
Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU4


Personally, I’ve never removed the vGPU from the image before using MCS in any of my deployments.

If all of your VMs will be the same (which is one of the points of MCS / PVS) then there’s no reason in doing it.

Just build the VM, install VMTools, install the vGPU driver, install your Apps and Windows Updates, clean up and optimise the image, shut the VM down, take a snapshot as it is and let MCS do what it does best.

You are fine to proceed as you are :-)