Where to start with Nvidia K1 - XenDesktop and UCS 240

I have just setup a UCS 240 with Vsphere 5.5. Getting ready to setup XenDesktop and dedicated VMS using Win 7.

How do I get the Nvidia drivers setup and on the desktops for testing?

Is there a install\user manual or doc of some type?


Hi DaveKoz,

not sure that I understand your question but if you want to get a Windows 7 VM running with XenDesktop on vSphere 5.5 in a GPU-Passthrough mode, I encourage you to have a look at the below VMware Whitepaper. It includes a detailed section on how to install GPU-Passthrough (vDGA). You would need to follow the installation steps till the point where you install the Citrix VDA.



Erik Bohnhorst | Solution Architect – GRID
NVIDIA Corporation